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Due to the unprecedented volume of emails and phone calls, we apologise that we cannot answer each one individually at the moment. However, we do intend to tackle the backlog and answer all in due course. Thank you for your patience.

Crystal Swing

I saw you on the late late the other night and thought you were fab, can you let me know if you intend to play around Killarney soon and if so when?


ye're better than any anti depressant tablets...well done keep it up


I was tapping my aul knee during your spot on the late late show, was seriously great and I should know, I'm great too, best wishes, come to G G G Galway!

S. Ryan

saw ye on the late late show, my new favorite irish band, really tickled my sandwhich when derek did the hucklebuck, started doing it myself and accidentaly kicked the tv and broke it!

g. hielscher

ye are great I love ye I look forward to seeing and hearing much more of ye lot

L. Davis

Well done , congratulations from us all at Park Road Cobh.  We wish You all The best in the future And thanks for the performances you gave us in Park Road.

Sr Eleanor

Not since Daniel O Donnell broke on to the country and western scene have i actually had the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when i heard a new act break through the ranks of mediocrity. I applaud and admire you all. I will be following your progress very closely. God bless you all.

D. Burke

Thought you were great on the Late Late , your energy is great , wishing you all the best in the future


I would like to congratulate ye on the wonderful performance on the Late Late Show last night. Ye are an extremely talented musical family. I look forward to hearing much more of ye in the future. I have checked ye out on You Tube also and am very impressed. Ye have 1000's of true fans.



P. Sheehan

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hi guys!

i just want to say a big CONGRATS!! ye were great on the late late!!! well done!!!

I hope someday i could play the keyboard  like u Mary!! I wouldnt even attempt your moves Derek;)!!!


I'd just like to say I was at home on my own Friday night while the rest of the lads went out and I was watching the Late Late Show. I must say your performance blew me away, and I'd like to say thank you for a stunning performance. I'll be sure to be down to HMV to check out your new album! Much love

Z. Downey

Congratulations on a wonderful show on the Late Late. You were magnificent! It is a long time since I have been priveleged to see such talent and sheer entertainment by three great entertainers and artists. Long may you continue as a band. Your future is assured, hopefully at international level.

G. Mangan

I was just wondering if Derek is single?

A. Burns

Don't mind the bad comments from the Irish begrudgers . I can't wait to see you on the Ellen show . They will love you in America. best of luck.


Hi All!
Just wanted to say how much my Mum thoroughly enjoyed your performance on Friday nights' Late Late!  It was so wonderful to see her genuinely delighted by the performance and I just wanted to say Thank You. Have you any plans for coming North?  Please let me know.


Congratulations on your outstanding performance on the late late ..... well done !

Michael and Patricia White

Wow im speechless, great stuff keep it lit lads xxxx

Dee and James

'IRELANDS' GOT TALENT' HAVE FOUND A WINNER!  You were brillant on the LATE LATE SHOW - what a performance.  I haven't seen anything as good in years.  Well done...  Good luck to you all.

Siobhán, Kenmare.

excellent on the late late that's what the country needs at the moment.

S Flanagan

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Mary, Derek  and Dervela,S

aw you on the late late last night. The audence told it's own story. YOU WERE BRILLANT. Wonderful stuff.  Take no notice of a few jealous yobs. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Francie Murray

Brillant music.

Lots of love from Sheffield.


Hey lads all three of you were amazing on the Late Late Show last Friday - It was great to see musicians having fun and enjoying themselves on stage. Dervla - what a voice - powerful Keep up the great work and hope to see lots more of you in the future


Thought I had to send you an e mail to say how great you are as a band. I watched you're appearance on the late, late an was bowled over by you all. You all had energy, and a genuine warm personality and great voices. I hope you are an outstanding success. Best wishes

B. Toorish

Just want to say well done and that we are so proud of you all. Very best wishes for the future.

Kathleen and Jim

Have to say, you guys were absolutely stunning on the Late Late show last night. Hadnt come across you before, but was very, very impressed.

D. Shutt

hi guys
we thought you were the best craic ever last night keep er lit

gary and julie

best entertainment i have seen in long time.
step a side JEDWARD
yours fans from Wicklow, cant wait to hear of tour dates


loved ye whare and when are ye playing next best of luck up cork !!!!!!!!!!!!

k o brien

derek i want to be like you when i grow up


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Congratulations on Late Late Show apearance. You really lifted the mood of the whole show and the performance was full of sparkle. Heres to the future of bright lights and success all the way to Las Vegas!!!!!


Hi Mary,

What a treat your performance on the Late Late, great music, great entertainment. Absolutely loved it.

Continued Success


Just wanted to say congrats on your great Late Late Show performance last.  You gave us all a lift here and we're humming the song since.  Wishing you all the best of luck for the future.

V. Cahill

one word- amazing!!!
ive been doing the huckle buck since seeing ye last night on the late late!!! enjoy the sucess that is without a doubt coming yer way!!!

Leighanne , Cork!

absolutely fabulous last night on the late late.



hi guys

thought you guys were great on the late late last night you are up for the crack and your great entertainers. well done 


Well done, yee are absolutely brilliant!!!

Fiona B

Hi guys,

you were great on lls. You should contact that ellen show in U.S, you could potentialy sell millions of albums there. I just know people will love you there.

J. Clarke

Hey Crystal Swing,

I think ye are absolutely outsanding. Ye made my night on the late late. I was just wondering are ye playing in any venues in the Bantry area..? 


Enjoyed the fun and singing on the late late show last night.

Mary Rose

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Crystal swing, ye have done yourselves real proud. What a performance. Always knew ye would go places. The very best of luck for the future.

Luv ye lots,

your neighbours,

The Mc Carthys. xxx

Hi guys,
First ye are great! Love ye!
Second, no information on your website of when/where ye are playing next???
When is it???? Update the website and include a link on the side of 'events' listing dates/locations of where ye are playing.
Keep rocking guys,


Seen you on late late show you were just fab. following bands for years such as gina dale haze tony stevens etc. youre up there with the best. are you playing any where near laois yet. i would love to see you. come on the rebels. you all look so well. keep up the great work god bless you al.l

Ger laois

Well done on your Late Late Show appearance.
Hope the Dynacord P5 is working well for you.

Niall and Phil
Aquarius Sound and Lighting

Well done all three of you for your great performance on last night's Late Late - such fun and good humour and Derek , those legs sure are something else...!!!
Congrats and continued success - ever thought of Eurovision ... ;-)

Jane in Dublin

Great Gig on da Late Late show! Great energy!! First got to see Crystal Swing through friends on Facebook. Now da whole country is mad about yez! Good Luck!


Hi Mary, Derek and Dervla,

I saw you on the Late Late Show-you are amazing-in terms of music but also as people!! I think you are going to be busy busy from here on in. All the very Best Wishes for the future xxx


Top class presentation the LL show.
Hope to see more of you in the future.

Good Luck,


I loved you guys on the LL Show last night, great to hear an Irish Showband once more. Such a catchy tune too, it is going to do very well here as well as abroad. Wishing you all the best of luck in your endevours.
P.S. Dervla, are you single??


Hi Mary,
Saw you on the late late, fantastic. All the best for the future, wishing you great success with the band. Take no notice of those silly comments on You Tube, there will always be begrudgers out there.

Well done, and the best of luck to you.

N. Gleeson

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Great gig on the LLS guys.........all the best for the future !

S. Hughes

I missed my bus into town when i saw you guy's on the Late Late. Brlliant preformance, super act. Hope you all go a long way.

Noel in Dublin.

Hi Mary Derek and Dervilla
Really delighted for ye and all the success

Sean Ahern

Enjoyed your performance immensly on the late late show.  You are so happy and upbeat - you are just what this miserable country needs to cheer us all up.  Good luck in your music career! 

E. Burke-Smith

I am in my late 70S and the Late Late Show last night brought me back 50 years, thank you for it keep it up and I wish you all the best of luck.

N. Healy

Saw ye last night on the late late , all i can say is "fantastic" , ye did yer county very proud and i hope to see alot more of ye in the future.


Dervla - don't mind the negative comments on youtube.  People say things because they think they're funny & they can hide behind their username.  Show band isn't my cup of tea but you are a beautiful girl with an amazing voice.  I wish you joy & success & I'm sure you'll have both.

C. Scully

I thought derek was brilliant with the mad legs!!!!!!!!!! They have a mind of ther own. Well done, if you are playimg around Ballinasloe in the near future, ill be there in the front row.


Saw you on Late Late last night - you were just brilliant - the best entertainment that I have seen or heard for years. I loved both songs. Want to see more of you. Best of luck with your career - you are super star quality.


Saw you on Late Late Show - Wishing you all the very best in the future - enjoyed the group

C. Skeffington

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I have seen ye a few times live, I think ye are great. Anyone who think diffrent havent a clue. Best of luck to all of ye.


Refreshing sound,excellent on the Late show. Great to see a family act sound and perform so well, good luck with the single and your career which looks promising for you all.

Look forward to seeing you live in Derry up North, best wishes.


Very good music, very nice people, all around great performers.

Jeremy L


M. Courtney

What a lovely, entertaining, fresh band. You were great on the Late Late Show. You sang well, played well, looked great, gave a lovely interview, have a catchy band name and a great family name. Good luck on your journey.

K. Burke

Congratulations, you all were brilliant on the Late Late. Well done Derek for the hucklebuck.

Hope to see ye soon

Helen and Martin

I absoultely love ye lads, ye are great sports and keep on reaching those stars, Dervla, you're a mighty singer and if you're ever lonely give me a call.

T. O'Connor

Congratulations on your superb performance from a neighbour in East Cork.  Wishing you every success in the future.  

Well done

F. Cronin

Loved your performsnce on the late late, so refreshing please keep it up you got a new fan.




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No need for reply as you have to be busy people. I thank you for your music and entertainment value. Well done on the Late Late, outshone Boyzone by far. Excellent marketing, great sound, honest people who have what this Country needs right now. The World is your oyster, go for it.


Sensational performance and superb interview on the Late Late guys.


I just watched the Late Late Show and wanted to  say congrats to you. You were fantastic.

Thank you very much once again for your support. MS Ireland greatly appreciate it and we look forward to hearing many more great things from you.

Best wishes and many thanks,


Derek you are my idol!!!! what a  performace


Congratulations on a wonderful performance on the Late Late Show. It was class. Well done. Best of luck for the future.

J. Noonan

Congratulations  on your performance on the late late show. Good Luck for the future.


Gillian Cannon

Heard you for the 1st time on the Late Late.Wonderful music ! Keep it up you are just brilliant.

M. McAuley


Stephen and Doreen

Fantastic Performance on the Late Late Show, well done.

Frances Connery

Brilliant Performance on the Late Late. Well Done.

From all The Connerys

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What a show on the Late Late Show ! ! !
It was super
Wishing you every best wish for your future

The Leonard family

Guys absolutely brill on Late Late..fair play to ye....will defo go see you..come to Meath...

S. Payne

Hi lads, just watched you on the LLshow I think derek looked cool doing the hucklebuck, keep it up.


I have heard great things recently regarding your band, and caught your performance on the Late Late and was blown away.You have brought the Hucklebuck to a whole new generation, and I congratulate you for it. Reminds me of the good old days when Brendan Bowyer would perform it himself.

M. Smith

Hello Mary, Derek and Dervla.
"Well done your great"

Best thing I seen on the late late in year's

All the Best

Richie Kavanagh

Please come to Waterford, we are waiting to buy tickets for a show.

T. Carey


M. French

I HAD A FEW TEARS OF JOY FOR YOU ALL TONIGHT. I WAS SO PROUD TO KNOW YOU MARY. When i first saw you a few years ago i said get yourselfs on pop idol. Well the Late LATE IS EVEN BETTER. I hope to take mum to see you Sunday. Well done you all deserve the very best.

Liz Maddox

Well done to you all on a fabulous performance on The Late Late show. Derek - you stole the show.

S. Cashman

I would like to wish you all the best saw you on the late late BRILL pity you hadnt gone for the eurovision the week before ... but success on a big scale is just arround the corner...

R. Egan

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just seen u on late late, ye ar goin all the way to big success, stay working hard

P. Keane

hi saw your late late show apperance and loved it

G. Murphy

Super performance on the Late Late Show.

C. Fitzgerald

Loved the performance on the Late Late this evening-well done.  Very lively and entertaining.

M. Caulfield

You are a tonic!  Enjoyed your performance immensely on the Late Late Show. Would love to know where your venues are.  will deffo go and see you.   Good Luck.

B Kennedy

hi, i seen you all on the late late show ,what can i say ...brillant and full of talent .fair play to derek ,you really got the crowd going .good luck to you all in the future...

M. Sharkey

ye were savage on the late late show tonight


Saw you on the late late never heard of you before that you were great really enjoyed you good luck to you all i know you will do really well, great energy and a real feel good factor i will make sure to see you again



just wanted to say thank you for putting a smile on my face in a week and times alot of people  are goin through job losses!!me in cluded as cabin crew with aerlingus!!ye were great on the late late show and that huckle buck o made me laugh and smile!!thanks!wish ye great times ahead!!:)

K. Duke

i had heard all the hullabaloo about ye on the radio earlier in the week and was interested to see what the fuss was about. im not a fan of country music but on a day when i get 6 weeks notice at work ye have made me smile and really cheered me up. good luck with yere futures and thanks.



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