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What a fantastic concert on Friday night in Castleisland!!!! I had my 4 boys ages 12 to 5 at it, they had a ball, they are at home trying to impersonate Derek doing the Huckle Buck and Burning ring of fire, They constantly play your CD in the car!!

Well Done you were absolutley Brilliant, Good article in the Mail On Sunday by Derek too. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Castleisland are amongst your biggest fan base. After Friday night everyone I was talking to couldn't speak highly enough of you all.

Regards and Beat Wishes,


Hi everyone,

On behalf of the Kerry Association in Dublin, may I say congratulations to Derek and the team. One of the greatest games of football we have seen in a long time, it was a pleaseure to be at the game.

Maura Hughes,
Vice Chairperson

Hi Mary, Derek and Dervla,

Congrats to Derek on a fantastic win!!
Love the photos, everybody is looking forward to the concert Friday night in town, it will be better than Christmas!!


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Hi Derek,
Congratulations on your win with Castleisland for Celebrity Banisteoir.  It was a very exciting finish to the game. Well done!!
So just like to say thank you to you & your family once again on your performance on friday 22nd Oct.  Everyone here in Rossmore, West Cork had a great night out. There were so many compliments from audience members on how enjoyable the night was, they loved it!
Just heard your interview with Derek Mooney on Radio 1, sounds like you've a new duet partner. So continued success to Crystal Swing, look forward to maybe seeing ye all here again in St Marys, West Cork in the future!

Hello Derek,

well done again on the win on Friday night and many thanks again for the time you took after the game for the photos with the kids they were delighted. You’re a decent man with a very bright future ahead of him. Well done again we are from Dublin and we were cheering for your team.

A Goodwin

congrats to Derek and Castleisland Desmonds. Up Kerry everytime!!!

E Roche

Can't wait to see u in Browne's, Castleisland, Co. Kerry today :D xxxxxx

A + C

Come on Crystal Swing, Derek Burke and the Castleisland Desmonds! Looking forward to seeing Derek and the Castleisland Desmonds performing a rendition of the Huckle Buck.


We wanna wish Derek and Desmonds all the best xxx

Flo, Adrienne & Elaine

It was great to see Derek and Mary in Castleisland again. Come on Desmonds and Crystal Swing!!!!

Kerry Kid

I was delighted to see a link to the Desmonds website on your site, I was recently on holiday and missed out on the celebrity revelation day on July 10th, I am looking forward to seeing you all on the next date. Your appearance in town on Sat last gave everybody a great boost, I hope Derek and the boys go all the way in this!


Just want to wish you all the best on Celebrity Bainisteoir with Castleisland Desmonds, I am involved with the club  and we are looking forward to meeting you. Heartiest congrats on your recent success with your family your story is truly amazing and inspirational.


Best of luck as Celebrity Bainisteoir with Castleisland Desmonds!





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